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   Child Custody Investigation

"Hold on....Something is not right"

Bronze Plan


12 investigator hours

Additional hours are $90 per hour  Investigator Mileage is $0.50 per mile

Silver Plan $1800

23 Investigator hours

Additional hours are $65 per hour Investigator mileage is $0.50 per mile

Gold Plan $2,600

33 Investigator hours 

Additional hours are  $50/ per hour  Investigator Mileage is $0.50 per mile

 plan prices do not include reports or additional cost incurred (Tolls,tickets,parking,admission,Etc,)

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We Offer Many Other Services To Include:

It is in the child's best interest for the mother and father to be involved in the childs life. Parents become petty and use children as pawns to get revenge on each other. Some parents fail to step up to the plate and fulfill their legal/moral responsibilities. If you are having trouble visiting your child call HEADHUNTERS. If you having trouble locating the other HEADHUNTERS. If there are any signs of child abuse first call 911 and then call us. At headhunters we care deeply about the welfare of children and we will do whatever we can to assist in making a wrong situation right..!

This is our third most requested service (Especially in Atlanta...) If you are in a relationship with someone who is lying to you about their sexuality are in danger. If you suspect your partner is not being honest about their sexual endaevors...Then you really need a HEADHUNTER. They say that the "Truth will set you free"...Let us find out the truth for you.

The Down Low"DL"Investigation

    " Investigate Before You Invest"

This is our most popular request. An asset search is conducted when someone OWES you money and you plan to sue them for it. It is also performed when you are about to do business with a person and want to verify that they are not broke and worth doing business with. There are different levels of asset searches ranging from bronze to gold. Please call to find out the pricing of each level as the prices fluctuate based upon data cost fluctuation  and investigative hours involved.


   Asset Searches

Most Popular Flat Rate Plans

Executive Protection, Check Fraud Investigations, Identity Theft Investigations, Surveillance, GPS Tracking and Monitoring, Service Of Process, Locating Witnesses and gathering statements, Workmans Compensation, Counter surveillance, Vital Records(Divorce,Marriage,Death),Business searches, and much more!Make the call today !!!

     "What Is In The Child's Best Interest"

               " Nip It In The Bud"

This is our second most requested service. Stalking has become a huge problem in the United States. With technology improving, stalkers are becoming more advanced and effective in the way they stalk. If you think you are being stalked you need a HEADHUNTER.

We utilize Counter Surveillance technology combined with Investigator tracking to determine if you are being stalked. We then devise a plan of action in a attempt to stop your stalker and the stalking activities.

Domestic Violence cases are on the rise. Domestic violence is not always physical. Sometimes words can hurt more than a punch. If you feel like you are a victim of domestic violence then you need a HEADHUNTER. We have staff members trained and certified in dealing with domestic violence cases. Initially, if it gets too bad, always call 911. Then let us document the abuse and report it to the courts and assist any outside law enforcement agency in ending the cycle of abuse. When you notice signs of domestic violence increasing, call HEADHUNTERS.

Stalking and Domestic Violence

Mystery Shopping

Our mystery shoppers will visit a restaurant, store, apartment, virtually any business as a regular customer. Our mystery shoppers will act exactly like a regular customer. Our mystery shoppers will ask questions of employees, engage them in conversations and record their responses. Our mystery shoppers record images of the sales floor and service areas in their reports and/or video.

Video Mystery Shoppers (VMS)

VMS shoppers will provide the client with video of transactions or interactions with staff. Our video equipment is hidden. The camcorder is extremely small, no larger than a quarter and can be hidden virtually anywhere on the person. Shoppers also submit written reports to accompany the video. These reports provide further detail for the client.

Education Verification


When job performance requires a specific level of education, this search confirms that an applicant has actually achieved it. You'll receive verification of schools attended, diplomas, degrees, certificates and dates of


Credit History

Produces a full credit record from your choice of one of the nation's top credit bureaus, and offers insight into an applicant's reliability and sense of responsibility. The report also includes information on public filings, as well as an address history.

Social Security Number Verification

Fraudulent use of Social Security numbers is a growing problem. Using credit bureau data, this process will authenticate the name associated with a given number and verify when and where the number was issued. It will report the names of any other people who may have used this number, as well as providing current and previous addresses.

Criminal History

County Court Filing History

Manual searches of municipal court records in any county will turn up all felony or misdemeanor filings within the last seven years, showing date filed, charges, level of charges, disposition date and final disposition. (Additional years are available upon request.)

Civil Court Filing History

This search of and or Municipal Court records yields a report on any civil litigation involving a particular individual or business during the past seven years. The results include the names of plaintiff and defendant, the date filed, the type of action, and the current status or disposition. (This service is not included in the standard services and fees)

Federal Criminal Court Search

Crimes such as bank robbery, embezzlement or tax evasion are examples of offenses that would fall under federal jurisdiction. The search lists criminal filings in any of the nation's 300 Federal District Courts. The response would provide details such as the case number, date of filing and charges, as well as the current status or disposition of the case. Similar information would be provided on federal civil filings.

Workers Compensation

A complete search of an individual's workers compensation claims for individual states when the information is available. This search typically spans the previous 5 to 7 years depending on the state.

Driving Record

A must in cases where applicants will be required to operate a motor vehicle. Complete records for the past 3-7 years are available from all states and therr eports will include personal data as well as any offenses/citations.

Employment History Verification

Unfortunately, some applicants are less than candid about their employment history. Upon your request, our trained staff will contact an applicant's past employers and verify dates of employment, salary, reason for termination and eligibility for re-hire. Using specialized interviewing techniques and industry-specific questions, we can determine whether further inquiry into a specific area is warranted.

Personal Reference Check

References provided as well as previous supervisors are interviewed to obtain strengths and weaknesses as well as work habits. You'll receive a summary of the results of interviews.

Professional License Verification

When a position requires a professional license such as Professional Engineers, Architects, Doctors, Lawyers, Educators, CPA's etc. Headhunters will verify that the license is in place in the state required. You will receive a summary which indicates whether the license is valid in that state.